Indigo is a real-time communications and management system for event or emergency operations.

It is a software platform that allows you to neatly record information about your operation in a concise manner, solve issues that arise as a team and keep a record of daily incidents.

It is designed for fast, reliable and transparent relaying of information between people, departments, and organisations.

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Using Indigo

Indigo can be used as a single-use bucket of information relating to a specific event, or as one (or more) endless operations where day to day information can be logged and stored.

In an environment with a small number of users, Indigo allows staff to work on resolving everyday issues. Indigo delivers a fast method for tracking information on a day-to-day basis.

In an environment with multiple users, Indigo allows incidents to be managed as a team without interrupting people in their workflow.

Indigo also offers Collaboration - a feature which allows you to share information across multiple Indigo enabled operation centres.

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Indigo Features

Indigo allows you to communicate within your operation and collaborate across multiple operations and operation centres.
It is used for:

  • bullet point 19x19 grey black Instant communication across your entire operation
  • bullet point 19x19 grey black Risk Management through reporting, tracking and resolution of incidents
  • bullet point 19x19 grey black Collaboration between people, departments, and organisations for a coordinated response
  • bullet point 19x19 grey black Delegation of tasks and responsibilities
  • bullet point 19x19 grey black Reviewing of individual issues and a complete operation
  • bullet point 19x19 grey black Recording the process of identifying, correcting, and resolving an incident
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Indigo Boasts:

  • bullet point 19x19 white small Simplicity of use - minimising training requirements for users
  • bullet point 19x19 white small Transparency of information across users within the centre and, where desired, between centres
  • bullet point 19x19 white small Security of information within the operating environment
  • bullet point 19x19 white small Reliability at medium to very high user numbers (tested to 200+ concurrent users)
  • bullet point 19x19 white small Scalability and portability to enable continued development as the requirements of centres and operations change

Do you have...

1. A number of people working simultaneously?
2. Distinct roles or tasks undertaken by each person?
3. The need to document occurrences, issues, actions and decisions?
4. The need to prioritise occurrences and issues?
5. The need to communicate without interrupting people?
6. The need to create reports of daily incidents and occurrences?

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