Tailored Software

We understand that every client is different and requires their own technology approach to best suit their business requirements.

We will work with you to create a brand new software solution that is tailored to your business needs and your budget.

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Modifying Off-The-Shelf Products

We offer an array of products that are waiting for you to pick up and adopt. From marketing software to crowd capacity tracking, communication solutions to online submission portals for awards programs, we already have products ready and waiting for you.

However, we realise that features that work for some businesses may not work for others, and so, we are able to modify any of our off-the-shelf products to reflect your business needs.

Building Tailored Products

Along with modifying off-the-shelf products, we also provide a tailored software development service where we design and create brand new software products based on your business needs.

To do this, we undertake a step-by-step development process that includes a strong dialog with our clients in order to deliver a product that meets their business requirements.

Read about our unique development process below.

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Tailored Solutions Development Process

First, we will sit down with our client and work with them to develop a list of specific attributes that are important to their business model and budget.

Next, we will workshop our ideas with the client in order to produce a result that is practical for their business.

After this, we will work within our Shaded Solutions Team to develop a visual sample (a “mock-up” if you will) of the software that our client can look at, touch and feel before we begin building. This step ensures that the final product will meet the client’s needs even before we start product development.

Then comes the software development stage where we will build and deliver a reliable, robust and easy to use product.

You might think this is the last step, but no… We also have a strong commitment to customer support. We guarantee that, if your tailored Shaded Solutions software is having issues, you can pick up the phone, dial our number and talk to a real person that knows the product and can fix the issue themselves.

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